Central Connecticut Collaborative Family Law Group is a group of experienced family lawyers committed to meeting our client’s goals through the collaborative law process.

CCCFLG members practice independently and are not in a relationship for the joint practice of law.

What is Collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is team-oriented approach to privately resolving family law issues without resorting to costly litigation and court intervention.  The collaborative process focuses on the goals of the parties and seeks solutions, in a cooperative fashion, to meet the needs of the parties and their families.  The goal is for the parties to reach an agreement on all issues which reflects their unique objectives and values, without resorting to court.  The collaborative process is designed to be safe, private, and non-judgmental.  It is designed to avoid damaging litigation tactics, which lead away from constructive negotiation and problem-solving, and often lead to unnecessary emotional costs and legal fees.


Creative Solutions

Every case is different and these differences demand creative solutions. In traditional divorce, the court is sometimes limited, for a variety of reasons, from solving problems creatively. In collaborative divorce, because the parties are in control of their decisions, they can choose options that perhaps would not be considered by a court. This results in solutions more closely tailored to the parties needs and which meet the party’s future goals.

Open Exchange of Information

In all divorce cases there is a need for a full and complete exchange of financial information. In traditional divorce, obtaining this information can be costly, and can require a trip to the courthouse. In collaborative divorce the parties voluntarily exchange information in the most efficient manner possible. This not only saves time, money, and frustration. It also promotes an atmosphere of cooperation which is valuable as the parties work to resolve their differencesRead More »

No Court

In collaborative divorce the parties pledge to resolve all issues without court intervention. In the event of an impasse the parties must work together to find creative ways to resolve their differences.Read More »

Family Focused

In divorces involving children there is a fundamental need to maintain effective communication between the parents. Collaborative divorce recognizes and supports this need and provides tools and guidance to achieve successful communication. What a wonderful gift to your children to model civility before, during and after divorce!

The Collaborative Team

In addition to the spouses and their counsel, there are times when other collaboratively trained aligned professionals can become part of our team to help resolve problems in a creative way. These professionals may include mental health experts, financial and tax professionals, vocational experts, accountants and appraisers.