We are a progressive, experienced group of 17 lawyers who are trained and fully committed to the collaborative process. With our guidance, we can facilitate discussions and problem solving sessions that will preserve your privacy, your dignity and your financial future.

This is an experienced group of lawyers who have practiced in the family law field for an average of 20 years. We observed and participated in a system of divorce litigation that we felt was unsuitable for a reasonable, intelligent person who wants to maintain family relationships and control their own destiny. Unlike the typical lawsuit, the participants likely will have family ties that they wish to keep. Litigation often damages or irrevocably severs those ties. Children are too important, in our opinion, to risk harming in the litigation process.

You, are too important. You do not need to have all the negative aspects of the marriage discussed in the public forum of a courtroom. If an issue needs to be addressed that is unflattering to one party, the group may addressed it; but from a problem solving approach. Remember, our members have each witnessed over 20 years of hearings and trials. Each of us believes that Judges are disinterested in the so called fault issues. We want to help you focus and resolve the important issues, your finances and your children, in a constructive fashion.

For this reason, our group has embraced the collaborative approach. We hold your meetings in the privacy of our offices, at times that are convenient to all. We encourage you to speak to your friends that have gone through a divorce. Most of them will tell you that they spent an average of 3 to 5 hours at the courthouse and actually discussed their issues for a period of 30 minutes or less during that time. The bill however would be for the 3 to 5 hours of lawyers’ time.

Contrast this with our promise that all of the time you are in our office will be spent on aiding you and your spouse to resolve the issues surrounding your divorce. This is a much better use of your time and ours as it avoids the long unproductive waits in a courthouse.Difficult issues will be addressed, but in a positive, creative and problem solving manner. We will use our training and experience to help you stay focused, to keep the discussion moving forward and to create a solution that takes into consideration your unique needs and desires.

Our group recognizes the value of other professionals such as accountants, therapists and sometimes other lawyers. We maintain an extensive list of experts who will be available to help you create a solution to a problem that may well be unattainable through litigation. These experts will have a proven history with one or all of us and can be recommended without hesitation.

Accountants may be contacted to help you maximize the income that is available to both sides through the creative use of the tax code. Therapists can be utilized to help your children or you address issues that the Courts simply fail to consider. Consultants can be called in who specialize in pensions to help you both plan for the future. The list goes on.

Our group is committed to an open and honest exchange of financial information. Much time and money is spent in litigation attempting to protect or to extract this information from the other side. You avoid this battle for information. We know what information is needed and we will not overly burden one party with request for information that meant to harass the other side.

We will ask only for that information that is necessary for an intelligent and fair division of assets and liabilities. We will help you to plan for the future, post divorce. Housing, children’s college expenses and retirement will all be explored, if appropriate.

As a group and individually, we are committed to offering high quality collaborative law services to divorcing couples. Every member has formal collaborative law training as well as significant number of years practicing family law. We require of ourselves high standards of practice. We meet as a group on a monthly basis to regularly improve our skills, problem solve and arrange for continuing education. We are committed to an intelligent use of our skills and your time and resources.